My name is Jessica Mikoloyck and SunnyFreckles Photography is mine, all mine!

I have been photographing professionally for more than 10 years now!

When thinking about great big accomplishments, 
a couple of my favorites go back to documenting a resupply mission to the 
International Space Station with NASA!  I was also so blessed to spend a week in
New York City, breaking bread together and photographing a couple as they
eloped smack in the middle of Grand Central Station!

Those are just a couple of adventures that never did I ever dream I’d be on,
and am so grateful that the path of this journey would take me to such incredible places.

So, a bit more about me!

I have the most supportive husband, Nick.

Together we made two of the coolest kids on the planet, Sir Gavin James and Annie Pants.

I started photographing when my daughter was brand new.
Later that year, my friend got engaged and we knocked out my first Engagement Session and Wedding all within the first six weeks of being a Sunny Freckle!

AHHHH YES...my business name!

“SunnyFreckles” was my first email address when the Internet was born.
So, that means that I am not as old as dirt.
I just remember when the Internet was invented.

My favorite days are often made of lazy days with my family, jammies on snowy weekends are coveted, and we have the most fun together when taking long road trips to anywhere.

I don’t really have a style of Photography, per say.
I just love EMOTION in all forms!

My favorite prop is the SUN!
(What is so funny about such a simple statement, though, is that I am allergic to the sun.
I get sunburns after being outside for no more than ten minutes.)

So, that’s just a terrific fun fact! 


We all have Bucket Lists in one form or another; my only wish in life is to hug an elephant!
I have dreamed of snuggling one of those majestic creatures and someway, somehow…
that will happen!

In my previous life, you know…in my twenties…a night of fun was
coordinating outfits with my girlfriends and dancing til one in the morning!
Now, it’s more like sleeping through movies with my family!

I have the most obnoxious laugh!
I have been known to echo in churches and theaters; so I have to be very careful
when I decide to let a big ol’ belly laugh go!
When my sister, Mom and I get together and have wine, we have a tendency to all get going at once; and often more times than not, our husbands will leave the room all at the same time.

I have my days and nights mixed up;
I prefer to edit while the rest of the Northern Hemisphere sleeps!

My cup of coffee gets made about 10pm.
I got bored listening to Pandora through my late night editing sessions, and soon discovered
streaming TV Series while editing in the middle of the night;
Schitt's Creek is my most favorite of all time.

I can be found most evenings photographing in the golden hour of Western Nebraska.
I have been known to hop in the North Platte river, lay flat in a bed of
poison ivy (it’s so beautiful in the Fall!), cuddle a cow and play in corn fields.
I will do just about anything to get the shot…except…I am ground bound and have a fear
of climbing trees to get a higher vantage point.
(...you laugh here...)

And that, friends, is a whole lot of me in just a few paragraphs!

I look forward to meeting you and continuing on this incredible Sunny Freckle journey!